dp payment terms 中文 什麼是DAP

什麼是DAP terms?
26/11/2020 · 請問各位師兄有無接觸過DAP條款? 首先,DAP到底係譯做 delivery at place 定係delivery against payment? 我係網上搵唔到呢個terms的資料。作為貨代,我們應該如何報價?需不需要提供當地的清關費用?我只知道送貨費應該是要的,但是好像和DDU又有點不同
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大家常用的payment term是什么_百度知道
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D/P 及 CAD 付款方法分別
25/3/2009 · For CAD, there is no delayed payment terms since it calls for cash payment. For D/P, it actually calls for telex transfer. That is, when the shipper presents the documents to the buyer’s bank, and if all documents are confirmed ok, the bank will advise the buyer to approve the payment.
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